Rules and Regulations


Download a copy of the Rules and Regulations

The standard operating procedures will be distributed to individuals approved to conduct studies.

Requests for Letters of Support

If you intend to submit a grant involving neuroimaging at the MRI facility,

  • Submit a letter of intent, short project description, and CV to the MRI Review Committee. [download form]
  • Email with the subject line "MRI Facility - Letter of Intent".
  • The Proposal review committee will determine whether the facility is prepared to commit resources necessary for a particular study.
  • After reviewing the proposal, the committee will communicate a decision to the investigator.

Submitting Scan Requests

  • Submit a scan time request, a description, IRB documents, list of personnel, and scan instructions to the MRI Review committee. [download form]
  • Email with the subject line "MRI Facility - Scan Time Request".
  • The management committee will determine scan use needs.
  • New investigators and study teams will need to schedule a time to receive safety and equipment training. In addition, once approved, investigators will need to schedule time to load behavioral paradigms and MRI parameters as well as conduct pilot testing.