Frequently Asked Questions


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  • What is the phone number of the NIS?

    If people are scanning, you can reach them at 305-284-5223.
    For information related questions, please contact 305-284-6082.

  • What is the cost of a scan?

    Funded research with UM accounts: A fee of $500.00 per hour is charged for funded research for studies performed during the Facility's business hours. For studies that require less than one hour of time in the scan suite, the $250.00 fee will be prorated based on 30-minute increments.
    Funded research from non-UM accounts would need to have an approved Facility Use Agreement.
    If scans are cancelled with less than 3 business days notice, a cancellation fee $83.57 will be assessed.

  • The research participant did not show up. Does our research group have to pay for the scan?

    Yes. The $83.57 cancellation fee will apply.


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  • How long will safety training take?

    Safety training is done remotely and is self-paced . Individuals on research teams that will use the scanner must read the safety manual, watch a safety video, review a PowerPoint presentation with site specific information and familiarize themselves with the equipment manuals.

  • When will I learn how to use the mock scanner?

    Equipment manuals available to users detail  procedures for using both the equipment in the MRI suite and the mock scan room.

  • I have completed safety training. How do I get access to the MRI scan suite?

    For research personnel working under NIS Core Faculty, the principal investigator of your research lab should make a request to Andre Perwin ( Your position (e.g., graduate student, post-doctoral fellow) and safety training status must be confirmed by NIS staff. If approved, a work order must be placed for you to obtain access to the mock scanner or MRI scan suite. Undergraduate students will not be granted access to the MRI scan suite.

    For external collaborators, email Elizabet Reyes ( for access request instructions.

  • I completed MRI safety training at another institution. Will it transfer?

    No. We would like everyone to attend a MRI safety training course at the University of Miami. In addition to a general overview of MRI safety, we will discuss specific features of our Facility.


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