Frequently Asked Questions


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  • What is the phone number of the NIS?

    If people are scanning, you can reach them at 305-284-5223.
    For information related questions, please contact 305-284-6082.

  • What is the cost of a scan?

    Funded research with UM accounts: A fee of $500.00 per hour is charged for funded research for studies performed during the Facility's business hours. For studies that require less than one hour of time in the scan suite, the $250.00 fee will be prorated based on 30-minute increments.
    Funded research from non-UM accounts would need to have an approved Facility Use Agreement.
    If scans are cancelled with less than 3 business days notice, a cancellation fee $83.57 will be assessed.

  • The research participant did not show up. Does our research group have to pay for the scan?

    Yes. The $83.57 cancellation fee will apply.


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  • How long will safety training take?

    Approximately 3-4 hours. Individuals on research teams that will use the scanner must read the safety manual, watch a safety video, attend in-person safety training and attend an on-site equipment training session. Each of these components lasts approximately 1 hour.

  • When will I learn how to use the mock scanner?

    The equipment training will review the procedures for using both the equipment in the MRI suite and the mock scan room.

  • I have completed safety training. How do I get access to the MRI scan suite?

    The principal investigator of your research lab should make a request to Your position (e.g., graduate student, post-doctoral fellow) and safety training status must be confirmed by NIS staff. If approved, a work order must be placed for you to obtain access to the mock scanner or MRI scan suite. Undergraduate students will not be granted access to the MRI scan suite.

  • I completed MRI safety training at another institution. Will it transfer?

    No. We would like everyone to attend a MRI safety training course at the University of Miami. In addition to a general overview of MRI safety, we will discuss specific features of our Facility.


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