Department Leadership

Philip M. McCabe

Chairman, Department of Psychology

(305) 284-5507
I am a Professor of Psychology and Biomedical Engineering, and the Chairman of the Psychology Department at UM. Before I became the Chair, I served as the Director of the interdepartmental Undergraduate Neuroscience Program.  I did my undergraduate studies and also received my Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Illinois at...

Maria M. Llabre

Associate Chair, Department of Psychology
Director, Biobehavioral Statistics
Behavioral Medicine Research Center

(305) 284-6698
My interests include applications of latent variable models to problems in measurement, mechanisms, and change processes in cardiovascular behavioral medicine. I am also interested in the psychological and health consequences of war-trauma in children, and have worked on projects in Kuwait and Lebanon.

Annette M. La Greca

Director of Clinical Training
Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Pediatrics
Cooper Fellow and Provost Scholar

(305) 284-9146
Children's and adolescents' peer relations, friendships, and romantic relationships, as they pertain to psychological and physical health; children's reactions to trauma, including natural disasters (hurricanes) and peer victimization; social anxiety in children and adolescents; preventive interventions. Quick Links to...

Charles S. Carver

Director, Adult Division, Department of Psychology
Distinguished Professor, Adult Division

(305) 284-2817
Dr. Carver received his bachelors degree from Brown University, and his doctoral degree from the University of Texas at Austin. He describes himself as a thoroughly unremarkable student during college and graduate school, and he notes that as a grad student he had difficulty finding any topic to be interested in until his third year. ...

Amanda Jensen-Doss

Assoc. Professor
Director, Child Division, Department of Psychology

(305) 284-8332
Dr. Amanda Jensen-Doss is the principal investigator and faculty advisor of CIELO Lab. She is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Child & Family Division in the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami. Her research seeks to characterize and improve youth clinical care, particularly by testing the benefits of...

Lucina Qazi Uddin

Associate Professor
Director, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Division

(305) 284-3265
BCC Lab Dr. Lucina Uddin and the BCCL (Brain Connectivity and Cognition Laboratory) use neuroimaging to study the relationship between brain connectivity and cognition in typical and atypical development.

Neil Schneiderman

Director, Health Division, Department of Psychology
James L. Knight Professor of Health Psychology

(305) 284-5467


Saneya H Tawfik

Associate Professor of Clinical

Affiliated Faculty