Graduate Application Process

2022 Student Evaluation and Admission Process

Dec 15

Invitations to Interview

Once completed applications are received, a preliminary screening of the applications for completeness and competitiveness. The Department receives 300-550 applications per year. Potential sources of funding for the applicants are also identified. Prospective mentors perform an initial review of applications and recommend which applicants will receive invitations to interview. Upon Departmental review and approval, invitations to formally interview are extended to applicants. It is rare for any invitations to be extended after December 31. Therefore, if you do not hear by the end of the calendar year, it is unlikely you have been invited. We wish all applicants the best!

Jan 15

McKnight Fellowship Application Due

The McKnight Doctoral Fellowships intend to increase the number of African American and Hispanic individuals with Ph.D. in the state of Florida. African American and Hispanic students who would be moving from others states to Florida to complete doctoral study may qualify. The McKnight Fellowship requires a separate application.
Link McKnight Doctoral Fellowship to:

Jan 20-21

Interview Weekend

Applicants are invited to interview at the University of Miami. Applicants interview and interact with faculty members and graduate students virtually. Applicants receiving offers may have the opportunity to visit campus in-person; more information on this in-person visit will be provided at a later date.

Early Feb

Admissions Decisions

Upon Departmental review, selected applicants are offered admission to the program. Some applicants may be wait-listed. Letters of decision are sent to applicants.

Apr 15

Applicant Decision Deadline

Applicants who are selected for admission have until April 15th to reach a decision and respond in writing. Our Department and our Clinical Program abide by the policies of APA, the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology, and the Council of University Directors of Clinical Programs, which commit us to giving candidates until April 15th to decide whether they will accept our offer.

Aug 15

Academic Year Begins

Admitted applicants will begin training activities before the academic year begins.

2023 Application Deadline Countdown

Applications will be accepted September 01 – December 01.
To receive full consideration for entry into the Ph.D. program for the Fall of the next school year, ALL application materials must be received no later than
December 01

Meet our Faculty

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Application Process Video

Watch this short video for an overview of our application process.

This will give you an outline of the process, more detailed information can be found by following other links on this page, and the Psychology department website, as well as Faculty research pages. 

application process
Application Process video


A complete application must include:

Personal statement (see instructions below)
Online application
   - Desired Major Area of Study
   - Prospective Mentor
   - Research Interests
   - Diversity, inclusion and equity statement (see question below)
   - Quantitative background statement (see question below)
   - Three letters of recommendation
EMAIL Official transcripts from University to

GRE optional for Psychological Sciences Program only. GRE scores will not be considered for admission to the Clinical Psychology program.


International applicants must complete additional procedures (e.g., TOEFL, passport, Statement of Financial Responsibility). Please visit for more details.


No other supplementary materials will be reviewed.

Doctoral Programs

Prospective students apply to clinical or psychological sciences programs within the adult, child, pediatric, and health divisions of the department. Approximately 10 to 15 clinical students are admitted across the divisions. Approximately 5 to 10 psychological sciences students are admitted across the developmental, evolution cognition and behavior, cognitive and behavioral neuroscience, and behavioral medicine programs.

Stipend + Tuition Remission

The department offers financial aid in the form of NIH traineeships, research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and university fellowships. Assistantships and pre-doctoral traineeship stipends typically are $30,000+ per year plus tuition remission.

Personal Statement

Our Psychology PhD program emphasizes clinical and psychological science and prepares students for research, academic and clinical science careers. In your personal statement, please address the following topics:

1. Tell us your goals and objectives in pursuing a graduate degree.

2. Identify an area of research in which you are interested and a research question that intrigues you.

3. Describe what research questions most excite you or are most curious about.

4. Describe research experiences you have had that prepare you for a rigorous research doctoral program in Psychology (e.g., description of experience with research design, study conduct, data analysis, and/or study presentation).

5. Describe work or life experiences outside of research or academics you have had that will facilitate your success in graduate school.

6. If applying to the Clinical Program, discuss why receiving a degree in clinical psychology is important to your career goals.

Online Application Questions

Diversity, inclusion and equity (350 word limit):

The Department of Psychology at the University of Miami values an equitable and inclusive community where all persons are treated with dignity and respect and feel valued. Please describe how you will uniquely contribute to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic, cultural, and intellectual environment in our Department.

Quantitative background (350 word limit): Researchers are expected to develop strong quantitative skills. What preparation (e.g., courses, mentored experiences, statistical software, computer programming) do you have that demonstrate your ability to understand and apply quantitative skills to research questions?