Application Information

A complete application must include:

• Slate online application (fee applies)
   - Desired Major Area of Study 
   - Prospective Mentor
   - Research Interests
   - CV/Resume
   - Unofficial transcript. Upon request, official transcripts from each college/university will be required. Official transcripts are not considered official if provided by the applicant.
   - GRE scores are optional for Psychological Sciences Program only. GRE scores will not be considered for admission to the Clinical Psychology program.
   - Personal statement (see instructions below)
   - Diversity, inclusion and equity statement (see instructions below)
   - Quantitative background statement (see instructions below)
   - Three letters of recommendation

Upon request, International applicants must complete additional procedures (e.g., TOEFL, passport, Statement of Financial Responsibility). Please visit for more details.

No other supplementary materials will be reviewed.

Of note, international applicants must complete additional procedures (e.g., TOEFL, passport, Statement of Financial Responsibility). Please visit for more details. However, DO NOT send these materials until requested by the Department.

Personal Statement (3 page limit)

Our Psychology PhD program emphasizes clinical and psychological science and prepares students for research, academic and clinical science careers.

In your personal statement, please address the following topics:

• Tell us your goals and objectives in pursuing a graduate degree.
• Identify an area of research in which you are interested and a research question that intrigues you.
• Describe what research questions most excite you or are most curious about.
• Describe research experiences you have had that prepare you for a rigorous research doctoral program in Psychology (e.g., description of experience with research design, study conduct, data analysis, and/or study presentation).
• Describe work or life experiences outside of research or academics you have had that will facilitate your success in graduate school.
• If applying to the Clinical Program, discuss why receiving a degree in clinical psychology is important to your career goals.
• If applying to the Joint Child-Clinical/Developmental program, please indicate clearly your intention to apply to this program and identify one clinical and one developmental mentor.

Diversity, inclusion and equity Statement (350 word limit)

The Department of Psychology at the University of Miami values an equitable and inclusive community where all persons are treated with dignity and respect and feel valued. Please describe how you will uniquely contribute to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive academic, cultural, and intellectual environment in our Department.

Quantitative background (350 word limit)

Researchers are expected to develop strong quantitative skills. Please include a list of any math or statistics courses you have taken and your grades in those courses, and describe any other relevant experiences (e.g., mentored experiences, workshops, experience with statistical software, computer programming) that speak to your quantitative skills and experiences.