Applied Quantitative LaB - Projects

Que Pasa U?

The Que Pasa U? study was funded by a Provost Research Award to Dr. Llabre to conduct a pilot study on the effect of the language used (English vs Spanish) to recall a stressful event on the cardiovascular reactivity and recovery from the processing task. This study represents an initial step in the investigation of the role of the Spanish language in the Hispanic Paradox.


The SSVSforPsych project, led by Dr. Bainter, is focused on developing Stochastic Search Variable Selection (SSVS) for identifying important predictors in psychological data and is funded by a Provost Research Award. We are conducting simulation studies to determine the performance of SSVS in psychological data and collaborating on a range of applications of SSVS. To date we have applied SSVS to investigate behavioral and neural predictors of pain (with Drs. Elizabeth Losin and Tor Wager), to predict hurricane evacuation response (with UCope), and engagement with HIV preventative care (with Dr. Audrey Harkness).

SSVS online calculator and website:

Our lab participates in the Hispanic Community Health Study/Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL), a multi-site (Bronx, Chicago, Miami, San Diego) longitudinal (2008 – 2022) study of the health of Hispanics/Latinos in the US from several different backgrounds (Central American, Cuban, Dominican, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Mexican, Mixed). We are working on several different papers from that study. The sample of over 16,000 adults has been assessed at two visits and will soon be contacted for a third visit. The PI of the Miami site is Dr. Neil Schneiderman and the director is Dr. Marc Gellman.

We are also working with Drs. Kiara Timpano and Justin Stoler on UCope, a multilevel study of individual and community risk and resilience factors associated with exposures to hurricanes. We have been involved in questionnaire development, validation of vulnerability indices, and determining the key factors associated with hurricane risk response behavior.