Cardiovascular, Metabolic, and Pain Health

Pain TileMembers of the faculty study a variety of psychological variables related to cardiovascular, metabolic (diabetes), and related health concerns both with respect to prevention, epidemiology, and treatment.

Hispanic/Latino Health

The Hispanic Community Health Study / Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) is a multi-center epidemiologic study in Hispanic/Latino populations to assess the role of acculturation in the prevalence and development of disease, and to identify factors playing a protective or harmful role in the health of Hispanics/Latinos. University of Miami is one of the founding collaborating institutions, with multiple and continuing ancillary studies.

Faculty whose research focuses on these topics include:

Hispanic Community Health Studies at UM

Current ongoing and recently completed Ancillary Studies are listed below

Current Ancillary Studies
  • Study of Latinos- Investigation of Neurocognitive Aging, aka SOL-INCA
    Funded by NIA 9/2015-4/2020
    University of Miami faculty: Neil Schneiderman
  • Cardiometabolic Outcomes in Multi-Ethnic Physical Activity & Sedentary Behavior Study (COMPASS) Funded by NHLBI 12/2016-11/2020
    University of Miami faculty: Neil Schneiderman and Marc Gellman
  • Gut Origins of Latino Diabetes Study aka GOLD
    Funded by Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities 7/2016-2/2021
    University of Miami faculty: Marc Gellman
  • MRI Measures of Cardiovascular Injury and Alzheimer’s Disease, aka SOL-INCA-MRI
    Funded by NIA 7/2017-6/2022
    University of Miami faculty: Neil Schneiderman and Marc Gellman
  • HCHS/SOL Family Lifestyle Outcomes Research, aka SOL-FLOR
    Funded by NIDDK 9/2018-6/2023
    University of Miami faculty: Marc Gellman
Completed Ancillary Studies
  • SOL Sociocultural Study
    Funded by NHLBI 7/2009-7/2011
    University of Miami faculty: Frank Penedo 
  • SOL Nutrition and Physical Activity Assessment, aka SOLNAS
    Funded by NHLBI 4/2010-3/2014
    University of Miami faculty: Marc Gellman 
  • Sleep Patterns as a Risk Factor for Disease in SOL aka Sueno
    Funded by NHLBI 7/2010-6/2014
    University of Miami faculty: Alberto Ramos (Neurology)
  • SOL-Youth Study
    Funded by NHLBI 4/2011-11/2014
    University of Miami faculty: Alan Delamater (Pediatrics)
  • Epidemiologic Determinants of Cardia Structure and Function among Hispanics (ECHO-SOL)
    Funded by NHLBI 9/2015-4/2018
    University of Miami faculty: Barry Hurwitz and Neil Schneiderman