Self-Report Measures Available

All of these scales are being made available here for use in research and teaching applications.  All are available without charge and without any need for permission.  Please do not write to me requesting a letter of permission, because this is all you will get.  Download or print them from the linked pages.

  • Three Factor Impulsivity Index
  • LOT-R (a measure of optimism-pessimism)
  • COPE (the full version of our measure of coping)
  • Brief COPE (an abbreviated version of the COPE)
  • BIS/BAS scales (measures of the sensitivity of incentive and aversive motivational systems)
  • MAQ (a measure of adult attachment qualities)
  • MBA (a measure of investment in body image as a source of feelings of self-worth)
  • MOCS (a measure of targeted and nonspecific effects of an intervention)