Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The Department offers both a BA and a BS major in Psychology.  The Undergraduate Psychology Program enrolls the second largest number of majors (730) in the College of Arts and Sciences including 185 who are also majors in the Schools of Education or Communication.  The Department is also a co-sponsor, with the Department of Biology and the Medical School, of an interdisciplinary Neuroscience major that offers a B.S. in Psychobiology as one available track for its 183 majors.  This pre-medical program is administered through the Department, and has among the highest admission standards of any undergraduate major (1300 SAT, 3.5 G.P.A.), second only to the Medical Scholars.

Advising for both Psychology and Neuroscience majors is provided through the office of Undergraduate Academic Services for Psychology, which is run by the Director of Undergraduate Studies who is assisted by two full-time advisors and a group of highly trained undergraduate peer advisors.  Innovation in the Director's development of a unique freshman advising, orientation, and mentoring system led to a National Academic Advising Association Outstanding Institutional Advising Program Award in 2002.  The Department has also received national recognition for its leadership in providing research opportunities for under-represented minorities wishing to pursue careers in the bio-psychological sciences.  Undergraduate participation in research has been encouraged with a funded summer research program, Psychology Research Initiatives Mentorship Experience (PRIME).  Approximately 40% of our graduating seniors have participated in research for academic credit.  As an indication of quality of our undergraduate research training, in 2006 approximately 25% of all magna and summa cum laude theses awarded University-wide were done by students majoring in Psychology or Neuroscience.