Level I: $950 for a child, $650 for toddlers (age 1 to 4), $650 for adults
Comprehensive Psychoeducational and Socioemotional Evaluation: Examiner is an advanced Doctoral student in Clinical Psychology supervised closely by licensed psychologists.
Level II: $1,800 Psychoeducational and Socioemotional Evaluation
The evaluation will be conducted by faculty members.
Gifted Testing: $550 Evaluation
Conducted primarily by faculty


Steps to the Intake Process:

  1. A NO-COST BRIEF PHONE SCREEN (15-30 minutes) will be conducted prior to scheduling the initial assessment/consultation session in order to determine the appropriateness of the referral question, likelihood of fit for our services, and to answer your questions not covered in these materials.
  2. INTAKE SESSION includes your completion of series of standardized assessments and a clinical interview lasting two to three hours.
  3. A TEAM REVIEW of pertinent background information (including prior treatment history, if applicable) is completed to determine how we can best serve your needs. Referrals will be provided for treatment elsewhere, if we are unable to serve your needs at the PSC.

Fees and Payments

Please see important note on insurance below.

  1. FEES FOR THE CLINIC are charged by professional time and have been determined in a manner that takes into account factors such as regional psychotherapy rates and the level of our specialty services and expertise. When available, portions of treatment may be offered at reduced rates with training therapists (doctoral students) working under the supervision of a licensed Psychologist/faculty member.
    All services are closely supervised and directed by our clinical supervisors. However, we do offer reduced fees depending on family income. If you will be requesting a reduced fee, please bring proof of your family income with you.
  2. PAYMENTSare to be collected at each session and may be made by check, money order, cash, or credit card (Mastercard, Visa, or Discover). Returned checks or charges will incur an additional $35.00 fee, and ongoing unpaid balances may incur collections charges.
    Important Information Regarding Insurance

    At this time, we DO NOT bill insurance and ARE NOT participating providers for any insurance plans. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that insurance companies will reimburse any or all expenses for direct or supervised services. Please remember that reimbursement is considered a matter between you and your insurance company. Always check with them directly for questions about your coverage.

  3. CANCELLATIONS AND LATE PAYMENTS Your appointment time is expressly reserved for you. Chronic lateness and missed appointments greatly interfere with this therapy. Strategies towards alleviating those difficulties may be addressed with your therapist. No Shows and Cancellations without 24-hours notice will be subject to the full session fee, and Late Charges may be assessed at our discretion.

PLEASE NOTE that our clinic is not designed to provide ongoing crisis management for issues such as substance abuse, active suicidality, violence, or psychoses.

Some of the clinical faculty in the Psychology Department also see clients at the PSC. Fees are negotiated directly with the faculty