Prescribed Treatment Plan (PTP)

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This one-page tool is completed by the health care provider and includes 4 key components:

1. A comprehensive listing of all CF treatments including frequency, duration, and dosing information
2. The order in which patients should take these treatments (see the brackets)
3. The agreed-upon adherence solution (if you are doing problem-solving)
4. Signatures of patient, parent, and physician to increase commitment to the treatment plan

The PTP also includes Quality Improvement (QI) measures that are tracked by PortCF including frequency of clinic visits, date of next visit, BMI percentile and FEV1. Centers may want to consider using this tool for their annual QI reporting.

To access all the measures:

  • Click on Copyright and complete the form
  • University of Miami Department of Psychology Knowledge, Skills, & Adherence Measures for CF