Observed Skills Checklists Manual

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Checklists have been developed to evaluate the skills associated with all of the currently available CF treatments. Patients need to bring their equipment in so that the RT or PT can observe him/her doing these treatments. The practitioner checks off those skills performed correctly and notes those skills for which the patient needs additional instruction or retraining (e.g., using a metered dose inhaler, using the vest properly).

The manual includes checklists for the following treatments:

1. ABI Vest Airway Clearance
2. Positive Airway Pressure (PEP) Mask
3. FlutterŽ Airway Clearance
4. Chest Physical Therapy
5. AcapellaŽ Airway Clearance
6. Metered Dose Inhaler
7. Metered Dose Inhaler with Aerochamber
8. Nebulizer
9. Diskus Dry Powder Inhaler
10. Pulmicort TurbuhalerŽ Dry Powder Inhaler
11. Enzymes

To access all the measures:

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  • University of Miami Department of Psychology Knowledge, Skills, & Adherence Measures for CF