Knowledge of Disease Management-CF (KDM-CF)

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The Knowledge of Disease Management-CF (KDM-CF) was specifically developed for studies of adherence and disease management in CF (Quittner et al., 2000; Barker & Quittner (2010). There are 4 versions of the KDM-CF : one for school-age children (ages 6-10), one for parents of school-age children, one for adolescents (ages 11-20), and one for parents of adolescents. These instruments assess the practical knowledge children and adolescents with CF and parents need to manage CF on a daily basis.

These measures evaluate knowledge of disease management in 4 key areas: (1) General Health, (2) Lung Health, (3) Nutrition, (4) Treatments. The scores for the 4 domains can be separated and given to the relevant CF Team members (e.g., Nutrition scores to dietitian). This measure has yielded strong internal consistency coefficients (DeLambo et al., 2004; Quittner et al., 2000) and has demonstrated convergence with measures of adherence (Quittner et al., 2004).

The KDM-CF is also available in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Hebrew
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch

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