Join our lab!

Dr. McCullough is currently seeking a graduate student to start in Fall 2019. If you are interested in applying, click here for frequently asked questions.

The Evolution and Human Behavior Laboratory also invites highly-motivated, dedicated individuals with an interest in scientific research to join our team of research assistants.

What do Research Assistants Do?

There are three main responsibilities for research assistants in our lab:

  • Running participant sessions

    • All RAs receive thorough training in how to run experimental sessions with participants. During experimental sessions, RAs are responsible for interacting with one or more participants at a time and collecting data. Data collection can include administration of physiological measures (e.g., saliva samples to measure neuroendocrine hormones; cardiovascular measures), anthropomorphic measures (e.g., handgrip strength), behavioral measures (e.g., decisions to cooperate or cheat in an economics game), and cognitive tasks (e.g., tests of working memory capacity).

  • Entering data

    • RAs are responsible for entering data into Excel and SPSS (a statistical analysis program).

  • Participation in weekly lab meetings

    • During these meetings, we discuss current research relevant to the work we are doing in the lab and brainstorm future directions for the lab's projects.

To Apply:

University of Miami undergraduates, click here for more information and to download an application.

If you are interested in the High School Research Experience program, click here to find more information and to download an application.