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This year's "Psychology News" comes to you with a new look and maybe even via a new medium if you are reading this on your computer instead of on paper.  For over a decade Dr. Victoria Noriega served as Editor of the News helping grow it from a few black and white pages to full color coverage of the year's accomplishments and events.  This year she has "passed the baton" to Dr. Michael Alessandri, our Director of Community Outreach and Engagement who is helping take it to the next level of wider distribution via the internet.  What remains the same is the incredible energy of our faculty, students and staff in making the Department of Psychology the vital research, teaching and service organization that it has become.  Within this issue of the News you can read about the cutting edge research being conducted by our faculty in the Adult, Child and Health Divisions.  You can learn more about our students and graduates along with their successes.  And you can gain an appreciation for the impact our outreach services are having on the community.

Of course much of this is only possible because of the generosity of the individual, family and corporate donors who are listed in our "Honor Roll."  While we depend heavily upon the University, federal and state government and foundations to support our core missions, it is the extra boost from our donors that makes what we do special.  I hope you enjoy reading about our academic family and thank you for your continued support.

Alumni Newsletters

The following are Psychology Department alumni newsletters from the past several years:

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